Visual Guide Series.

How to update FW01.01.0410 for DJI Phantom 4 using DJI Assistant 2.

I am starting a visual guide series to show you step by step on a successful FW update for your Phantom 4.

Enjoy and safe flying.

Lynh Phan

1. Install and open Assistant 2 on your Windows PC.
Make sure you have battery with at least 60-80% on your P4.
Connect P4 via USB to your PC and then turn on P4.
Open up Assistant 2 and with P4 connected and select P4 folder.

2. Select the FW you would like to install.
Assistant 2 will display previously installed FW on your P4 as well.


3. Click start upgrade to commence FW update process.


4. FW download will commence, depending on your internet connection, this can take anywhere from 30 sec to 5 mins.


5. Once FW has been downloaded, FW update will commence.
Do not turn your P4 off or disturb it at this stage.


6. FW update and upload to the P4 can take anywhere from 5-10 min. Be patient and go and have a coffee.
P4 LEDs will flashes and gimbal and motors will make funny noises. Don’t panic. It’s just doing ESC flashing and updates.


7. P4 will turn off and reset itself at about 37%.
Don’t panic. Once it has reset, it will confirm 100% success.


8. After successful FW update it is recommended to:
A – calibrate iMUs
B – calibrate gimbal
C – calibrate compass
D – check all preset settings on App (RTH, expo, gains etc)


Enjoy and safe flying.

Lynh Phan


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