You Heard Right!

As great as this Website is, And a money maker at that.. I just dont have time to run it anymore.. Obligations coming up this summer, Means that it may sit for awhile before I can get back to it, and upload new content.

This is your opportunity to jump ahead of the rest.. Currently its being hosted on Hostgator..and the stats there say we have gotten over 6 million views. Boom! Not bad for what was just supposed to just be a library of tips and tricks.. With a little more work and tender loving care, This site could be an industry leader.. Giving you a jump start!  So what all do you get..

First you get to keep all the content that is here already.. do with it as you will.

Second. You also get the WordPress template this was built from

Third. You get permission to post this site in the largest Drone focused FaceBook groups.

  • Small detail here…if your a drone dealer this does not apply to you.
  • See the article here about which FB Drone groups we run.

So how much you ask?  thats easy.. 30K.. USA Dollars of course. With ad revenue you can double that in 2 years.. Just running it as is…If you activate google adsense and get to work selling. This could be a 100K a year site.

Feel free to message me On FaceBook about the purchase. .

For more details.

Or you can email me ..

Im looking forward to someone buying this website and making it grow..




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