We ran a survey in several groups, asking the question
“What Tablet/Phone are you Using as a Monitor”.
The Survey ran for 3 days. It was the pinned post in several
groups. Unfortunately, Most folks are on Mobile and have to actually
click on the pinned post to see it. So the Participation was not quite where
I wanted it to be… Non the less.. the results cant be argued. We have a clear winner.
More on that in a second.
there is a % of folks who are in several groups that voted in each group. Basically running up the numbers. And several of you have multiple devises. that said.. We added everything up,
threw out the single digit votes, and this is what was left.
Steve Jobs would be happy!
there were only 7 devises that got double digits in the voting.
And they are………..Drum Roll please……………………….
Comp 1 (0-00-00-00)

1. IPad Air2         232
2. IPad Mini4        97
3. IPad Mini2        88
4. IPad Pro 9.7     56
5. Nvidia Shield    47
6. IPhone 6s+      42
7. IPhone 6s        34

Thats it! the rest only added up to single digit numbers.
But now the Next time someones asks, “What Tablet/Phone is everyone using”?
You can share this link with them.


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