Storing and transporting your Li-Po batteries.

As the holiday season approaches, some of us may be lucky enough to go on holiday with our drone.


1. Please CARRY ON all your Lipo.
2. I would normally discharge my batteries to 20% for the journey (this reduces the potential energy in the pack).
3. Use a LIPO safe bag
4. Use electrical tape to cover the Mavic battery’s connector.
5. Carry IATA Lipo info with you just in case you meet a TSA agent without a clue.

At your holiday destination
If you are visiting a cold climate area – please make sure you warm up your battery to a minimum of 22 degree Celcius before flight. (Use a car or hotel’s heater etc)

If you are going on hibernation instead of holiday for winter – store your batteries at 50% for long term storage in a fire proof and ventilated container.

Happy holidays
Enjoy and safe flying


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