Rochester Smart Glasses Optimized Lens Designs (Smart GOLD) Lenses for Epson BT-300.

I am short sighted and rely on prescription glasses to see my drones from afar. The Moverio BT-300 is revolutionary in that it projects the DJI GO App as a Head Up Display via the transparent glasses. However being short sighted, I still have to wear my glasses in front of the BT-300 to enjoy the full benefit of the BT-300’s HUD.


I love my BT-300 and use it extensively not just for flying drones but also for emails, you tube, watching movies etc etc. The Epson BT-300 is supplied with a clear frame to which you can have your optometrist fit your custom prescription lenses. This was what I initially did when I first got my BT-300. Although my optometrist did a great job, I found that after extended usage, my eyes were getting strained and fatigue.


After speaking to the lovely team at Rochester Optical, I was intrigued to learn that there are more than meet the eyes with their Smart Gold glasses. This is what I’ve learnt “The primary visual problem with binocular devices is the mismatch between the IPD (Inter-Pupilary Distance) of the wearer and the fixed distance between the displays (IDD) in the device. The resultant effects are the eyes, subconscious to the wearer, will either converge or diverge in order to focus at the center of the displays. The work of convergence and divergence (or Vergence) of the eyes are done by the medial rectus muscle. The extended use of this muscle without rest will cause eye strain in short time and eye fatigue in extended wear. The greater the IPD/IDD difference; the higher the Rx, the worse of the problem.” I am on the higher Rx of 6.0 and 6.25, hence it was no surprised that my eyes were strained and tired after extended and constant usage.


Rochester Optical is different to the regular prescription lenses in that their proprietary Smart GOLD lenses would compensate the IPD and Image Displays Distance (IDD) to allow the eyes to see the displays with visual acuity at their normal distance viewing position. Put simply, the Smart GOLD will enable you to use the BT-300 for extended period without straining or tiring out your eyes via their optical correction in the lenses My Smart GOLD (Smart Glasses Optimized Lens Designs) lenses have enabled me to fly my drone all day and out performed my regular lenses. There is also the added bonus of a frameless lens style with precision fitted nose clip and a modern matching shape in keeping with the BT-300 rectangular lenses shape.



If you are short sighted, I would highly recommend the Rochester Smart Glasses Optimized Lens Designs (Smart GOLD) as a perfect adjunct to your BT-300. I have both the regular and the Smart GOLD and there is definitely a big difference after extensive and extended usage for over two weeks. The Smart GOLD may be slightly more expensive than your regular lenses but you can’t put a price on reducing fatigue and eyes strain.

Disclosure: I am not affiliated or associated with Rochester Optical.


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