How to reduce the dreaded P3 tilted horizon.

The tilted horizon issue is very real and is becoming a P3 and i1 trademark. Please do the following to help reduce / eliminate the tilt.

1. Make sure your P3 is absolutely Levelled. A water spirit level will help.
2. Adjust the 4 feet so you get an even flat horizontal level ( the i1 base as a reference)
3. Do a COLD IMU calibration on a flat surface on a ground floor of you live in a high rise apartment.
4. Do compass calibration before flying at a new site.
5. Let your P3 sits on the ground turned ON for 2 minutes before flights.
6. This should fix your tilted horizon.
7. If it doesn’t – you can do mid air gimbal calibration.
8- ignore the message saying mid air calibration has failed.

Enjoy and take untilled horizon pictures.

Lynh Phan


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