Portable penetrative antenna system for DJI’s RC.


I have delayed my comprehensive review until I can be assured that they are in stock and ready for immediate shipment so there will be no pre-orders or waiting for delivery.


Are you sick of losing your video feed whilst using your Go App and trying to control your DJI drones even within Line Of Sight? One of the main reason for the lost of video feed is the environment in which you are flying. If it is a congested urban area with extensive Wifi Signals, these will interfere with the 2.4GHz frequency as utilised by your DJI’s RC to communicate with your DJI’s drone.


In order to overcome these congested RF “airwaves”, you will need to be able to focus your signal and increase the power at the same time. To use a simple analogy, imagine driving at night with your normal headlights. In 99% of cases, they are perfect for your needs. However, imagine having to drive through a heavy fog region every night, your headlights are now next to useless as the beam are scattered. This is where fog lights come in. They use a narrow and focussed beam to penetrate the thick fog. Obviously light waves and RF waves are not identical, hence I was only using a similar in concept analogy so everyone can easily picture it in their minds.


My article regarding different antenna systems can be read from here.


Traditionally, people have been using patch antennas (focus RF beam) and bulky external amplifiers ( increase power ) attached to their DJI’s RC. These are not only bulky and attracts unwanted attention as they look like something made from a backyard by a mad scientist. It was also a hinderance to carry during transport as it NO longer fit in most cases designed for your DJI’s drones.

An innovative “portable” antenna system is now available and still follow the same principle of power and focused bean. However it break the mould in that it is portable, discrete, removable and relatively affordable.


Made in The USA from high quality components, this system consists of 14dBi quad patch Linear Vertical Polarized Antennas and 3W Powered Lightbridge signal booster amplifier with an integrated 3000 mAH battery enough for 4-8 flights. It is portable and discrete as the antennas, battery and booster are integrated into an elegant high gloss unassuming rectangular panel. The Conquer system is easily removable for assembly or disassembly in less than 1 minute. It is the same size as a large pencil case connects via QMA and magnetic mount to your modified DJI RC. The built in Lipo battery Charges directly via jack from the supplied transformer. The Conquer also has a voltmeter display so you are informed of the battery’s level and an additional switch to turn on-off the mood lighting LED.


What I like most about this system is the focussed beam for deep penetration in a congested wifi environment. As with all directional system, you will need to fly accordingly and keep your flight path within the focus beam with +/- 34 degree on the horizontal and vertical plane. If you are within this focussed path, you will not have any issue with lost of signal. I would highly recommend the use of a high quality RC harness to alleviate some of the added weight.

How does the system work?

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Interface 1 receives an external source signal, from lightbridge; after the RF switch it will be passed to the attenuator, the attenuator will be the second stage signal to the two power amplifiers, and finally passed to the output of the RF switch, and finally sent to the patch antennas and to your UAV.

The unit Uses direct sequence (DSSS), orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) to amplify the signal and is fully compatible with:

Phantom 3 Professional, Advanced
Phantom 4
Matrice 600/100
Inspire 1, V2.0, Pro
Any Light-bridge 1, LB2 Remote controller.

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Due to the legality of BVLOS in many countries, I won’t delved into the specific topic but If you are into long range, you can expect an increase of about + 5km in the city and urban environments. Over water and clear land you can expect around +10km.

How much is it ?

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The complete system retails for $299 with the integrated battery and amplifier or $259 with the antennas panel alone. When you compare this with many other systems on the market, you will agree that this is a relatively affordable modification and package. Modifying the RC is a very simple 30-45 min job that anyone can do. Simply open your RC and replace the existing antennas with the supplied cable. All the required tools are supplied as well making it as simple as it can be. In the box you will get everything that you will need to convert your standard DJI RC into a powered Amplified RC system.

If you are a professional and is tired of the constant lost of signals from your stock DJI’s RC and want a more powerful but portable, discrete and versatile ground station, you now have that option.
Finally, there is a powerful and discreet high quality system on the market and I could not be happier.

Lynh Phan.

Disclosure: I am not affiliated or associated with TITAN Drones Inc.


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