Polar Pro Katana.

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What is it ?

The Polar Pro Katana is simply an attachment handle and smart phone holder combo that allow you to convert your Mavic Pro into a hand held gimbal.


How hard is it to attach ?

With practice, you can quickly convert your Mavic Pro drone into a hand held gimbal in less than 30 seconds. Simply align the top and bottom retainer bar and two thumb screws ensure security of attachment and retention.


How does it connect to the Smart phone ?

Switch the Mavic to Wifi Mode, connect with your smartphone via wifi and you now have full control via the Go App. The connection is very stable due to the close proximity and placement of your smartphone and the strategically placed handles allow full adjustment of video parameters while maintaining a steady composure. The handles are rubberised ensuring a nice and firm grip. The phone holder is a quick lock clip system capable of holding the largest iPhone with room to spare.

How is the quality compared to DJI’s established range of gimbals such as the Osmo Pro, Osmo and Osmo M?

Whilst the Katana can not compared with either the Osmo or Osmo Pro in low light conditions, its performance is similar to the the Osmo M. The lack of X-axis movements on the Mavic Pro is actually beneficial in certain scenarios such as mounting inside or outside a race car. The Osmo series X- axis suffered significantly when there is high G-force and often suffers from unwanted drifting, this is a common trademark of the DJI’s Osmo range.


Why would you buy the Katana?

If you need the occasional handheld gimbal shots in your videography, the Katana is a cheap way of converting your drone into a handheld gimbal allowing you that extra flexibility whilst filming. There is no other charger or equipments to have to take with you. The Katana is a great and relatively inexpensive addition to your tool kit whilst still giving you that extra shooting option.

However, if you are a professional and do a lot of handheld gimbal shoots, a dedicated gimbal such as the Osmo or Osmo Pro is still the way to go.

Is the Katana worth it?

There are other cheaper 3D printed handles available but the Katana is the only one which will give you that semi professional look and 100% attachment security for your Mavic Pro.


The Katana is a relatively inexpensive way of allowing you to add a hand held gimbal to your filming arsenal. It doesn’t look cheap and is securely mounted to your Mavic Pro. Having the additional flexibility of a handheld gimbal with minimal additional equipment to take with you is a great bonus and follow the compact and portable mantra of the Mavic Pro.

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