Win A Pix4D License Worth USD 3,500!


COMPETITION 1. Win a full-year license to the best mapping software on the market – Pix4Dmapper Pro license worth 3,500 USD! For every 500 more competition attendees, we will offer one more full-year Pix4Dmapper Pro for the winners from the second place and on.

COMPETITION 2. Win a full-year Pix4Dmapper Mesh! We will pick one best fly-through video from the links posted in the groups, and the winner will be issued a full-year Pix4Dmapper Mesh license worth 500 USD! Try the FREE Pix4Dmapper Discovery and familiarize yourself with the Pix4D software NOW!

Pix4Dmapper is the industry standard for professional UAV image processing software that automatically converts images (taken by hand, drone or plane) and delivers highly precise, geo-referenced maps, mosaics and 3D models etc. The results compliment a wide range of applications and software. If you are serious about mapping with your UAV, or just want to try out some new fun ways of using it, Pix4D software is the best choice on the market and comes highly recommended.

COMPETITION 1: Enter a link (on Sketchfab) in the comments of this post to a 3D model that you have created with your DJI drone and Pix4Dmapper. The winner is the link with the most likes throughout all the groups. Start collecting your data and processing with Pix4Dmapper! Paste the Sketchfab link of your mesh from April 6th 00:00 to May 7th 00:00 CET!! The winner will also get a chance to share his great work as a use case with Pix4D and get published on their blog, Social Medias, and Pix4D monthly newsletter, reaching out to all Pix4D users.

COMPETITION 2. Create a fly-through video of your project from Pix4Dmapper Discovery and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo. Start uploading from April 6th 00:00 to May 7th 00:00 CET!! The Winner will get a full-month Pix4Dmapper Mesh.

DJI Inspire 1 Owners Group
DJI Phantom 3 Owners Group
DJI Phantom 4 Owners Group

*NOTES: Please read Pix4Dmapper Competition (DJI Users) Application and Regulations carefully!


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