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Phantom Angel battery storage and discharger for Mavic Pro battery.


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Until now, there were only two ways to store your DJI battery, one is to use DJI’s App and set the date for self discharge to storage level. As we all know, this method is variable at best and the minimum time frame is 1 day. The alternative is to stop charging when the battery’s third LED starts to flash – this method works well but it means you will have to physically watch the battery during the charging process. There must be a better solution than these.



I’ve tested the early prototype V1.0 and provided feedback to the inventor which has lead to the development of the current V3.0 and V3.0 Pro and the Mavic Pro versions. This clever device allows you to reach storage level for your DJI battery on demand and it will also calibrate your battery to 3.3V at a much faster rate if you don’t want to fly your battery to 3.3V.


Mavic Angel Pro battery storage and discharger consists of an ICB connected to a heat sink fin and 50W 12V globe. This model is specific to the Mavic Pro battery’s connector. It uses the 50W halogen bulb as a resistor to apply a load on your battery. The potential chemical energy inside your battery is simply converted to heat and light.

Using the Unit is very simple and straight forward.



Select discharge mode : storage or cycle ( calibration )
Plug the Mavic Angel Pro into your Mavic battery. The Pico connector used by DJI ensure you cannot accidentally reverse the polarity.
Turn on your battery.
Press the circular LED switch and BINGO. You are done.


For a fully charged Mavic battery, it will take 15 minutes to reach storage level at 60%.

To go from storage level of 60% to calibration level of 3.3V per cell requires a further 20 minutes.


Just a a few things to remember – this will get very hot and do not touch the globe before during or after the discharges as the oil from your fingers will weaken the halogen globe and can cause it to explode.

The designer has listened to my feedback and has included a nice vinyl glove so you can safely install the halogen globe to Mavic Angel Pro.

The battery will not turn itself off at 60% level, you will physically have to press the off button on the battery to turn it off.

Also Remember to recharge your battery after calibration mode as if you forget and leave it for a few days – you will need to use Lynh Phan’s trick to revive your battery.

I have suggested to the inventor to incorporate an ICB to allow the user to plug in his/her charger to be able to bring the battery to storage level rather than having to fully charge then discharge. This will be better for the environment in the long term as less wasted energy conversion.

If you are looking for a functional discharger at a budget price, will meet all your requirements.

Enjoy and safe discharging.

Lynh Phan


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