My 5 top tips for when filming with the Mavic.

1. As soon as you see that record button on your screen, hit it! I’ve missed out on some pretty good footage where I’ve forgotten to.
2. The closer you can shoot to sunrise or sunset, the better your videos/photos will be due to the quality of light. Plus the added bonus of being able to see your screen easily, and better shutter speeds without filters.
3. Don’t try and do it all in one shot. Try and get a nice smooth shot of something then reposition your craft to where you want it as quickly and clumsily as you want because that bit will be edited out later. Then another smooth shot.
4. Following on from above, start flying your shot/path from earlier than you think you need to, and ending the shot later. I look at my clips and go ‘why the hell did you just stop and do a 360?’
5. Flying a drone isn’t unlike landscape photography. Composition and light are always key obviously. But what’s equally important is some foreground interest. If you’re high up, try and get close to something high up such as the edge of a cliff, a light house, top of a cathedral, tops of trees, an electricity pylon…er maybe not one of them. Or failing that, just fly low and close.

Sorry if this obvious to some but hopefully some might find it useful 🙂

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