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How to update DJI Phantom 4 batteries FW01.01.0410.

The FW release note failed to mention that there is also a battery FW in this update.

Follow the following visual guide steps to ensure all your batteries are updated as well.

1. Replace the battery and Turn on your RC and P4 after you have successfully updated the FW on the P4.
Make sure you are in a reliable wifi or data area to the App.


2. Wait for about 1 minute without entering the camera mode and the pop up screen will prompt for permission to update.
Slide to allow permission for update.


3. During the update process, the battery’s LED #3 will flash to indicate that it’s undergoing FW update.


4. The App will confirm completion after successful battery FW update


5. Repeat the process above for subsequent batteries.


Enjoy and safe flying.

Lynh Phan



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