How to revive a bricked DJI battery caused by excessive self discharged.


If you’ve stored your battery for a long period, chances are it has gone into deep discharged mode and the cells have lost storage capacity and can not be recharged using the stock method. This tip will enable you to revive the cells and bring it back to adequate storage level so it can be recharged as per normal.


If your battery has entered Low Voltage Cutout and cannot be reset via using my tip here:…/

AND you do not wish to pursue DJI support warranty OR you are outside the 6 months Battery Warranty Period, here’s a tip on reviving the battery’s cells.

Disclaimer: please only attempt to do this if you are confident and know exactly what you are doing. Be careful not to Short the red and black wires. Proceed at your own risk.

What you will need:
4 pairs of alligator clips
A voltmeter
DJI OEM charger
Expired credit card


1. Carefully detach the battery’s top cover – an old credit card cut up into strips will allow you to easily unclip the cover.

2. Gently disconnect the balancing plug / loom to the IC.

3. Using alligator clips, connect the cables as pictured directly to the cells’ side bypassing the smart circuit.

4. Apply power for 5 minutes interval while monitoring the voltmeter.


5. Once the voltmeter reaches above 20.00V, you can reconnect the balancing plug and recharges the battery as per normal.

6. If it still doesn’t charge as normal – you will need to do a reset to the smart circuit as shown here…/

7. Fully charge your battery and do two full cycle at low level hover.

8. Condition your battery and you are good to go.

This will revive all batteries bricked by LVC provided the cells haven’t been completely damaged due to excessive self discharge.

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Enjoy and Safe flying

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