Following the successful launch of the Unique X3 landing mode portable backpack version by BestemAerial earlier this year, this is their latest offering: Bestem Aerial InsPak X5 – hardshell backpack for DJI inspire 1 PRO or Inspire with X5 camera setup.


Disclosure : I am not associated or affiliated with Bestem.

I will get this out of the way first, I am an avid supporter of BestemAerial for their innovative, compact and lightweight design of the Inspak. I have the X3 version which I’ve been using and have fallen in love with


The X5 version of the Inspak is an evolution of the X3 version. Not only the Inspak will now allow you to store the X5 in landing mode, there are also improvements on the original X3 version. This is not simply an X3 Inspak with new internal foam.


First, what make the Inspak different to the plethora of cases which are flooding the market ?

1. Lightweight – it’s the lightest of any cases currently on the market.

2. Compact – it’s the only backpack that’s not too bulky and oversized.

3. Innovative – the Inspak X3 was the first backpack to be able to carry the Inspire in landing mode. The X5 version take this to the next level by being the first backpack to enable you to carry the X5 camera in landing mode.

4. Airline Check In ready. The soon to be released Optional Inscase will provide full protection to your Inspak and inspire 1 when you travel and have to checkin your inspire. We all know how luggage handlers love to “take care” of all our check in luggages. The optional hard case will have wheels and extendable handle to make it easy for transportation of the Inspak through terminals and long distance.

5. Aluminium Frame – the only backpack with an ultra lightweight aluminium frame to afford full protection for your expensive inspire PRO.

6. TSA combination lock – designed with mobility and travelling in mind, it’s the only backpack that has TSA lock included to ensure your expensive parts and components stay locked and secured but is still able to be opened by TSA for security screening.


7. The Inspak Hardshell Backpack is in the form of an EVA shell. This is the same proven material as some Samsonite suitcases and motorcycling touring bags. The fabric material is made from highly resilient, water repellent 1680D nylon construction to keep the internal gear safe and dry in any environment. Also included is a nylon rain cover for the ultimate protection in snow and heavy rains.

8. A unique feature of the Inspak is the ergonomically contoured Arched Back design, this not only minimise fatigue but ensure an even loading of the backpack for your back’s comfort.


9. This backpack is engineered to be a full featured inspire 1 bag to provide ample space for all the gear and accessories while remaining rugged and reliable enough for extended excursions or tactical deployments. It has plenty of slots and cavities for all your inspire 1 accessories and storage needs. You can pack a dual controller setup, enough room for 12 propellers, iPad Mini, charger and up to 6 batteries. The Inspak is designed so you can transport your i1 in landing gear down mode and with the X5 camera attached. The supplied soft foam insert provide the perfect cushioning lock for your X5 whilst in travel.


10. Cost effectiveness. A simple comparison of price and size and weight with other popular cases show the Inspak X5 is great value for your money.


Improvements over the original X3 Inspak includes:

A full perimeter aluminium frame is used to provide a water tight seal and protection during transportation and help reduce the risks of the zipper tearing apart during your travels. The included rain and snow cover chute is an added bonus and well thought out add on.

The even wider and increased in foam padding on the shoulder straps which are fully adjustable and padded for the ultimate comfort. A chest strap is included for the extra security and perfect weight distribution of your load.


The Inspak X5 is perfect for anyone who want to be able to rapidly deploy their i1. Simply arrive at the site, screw on the props and fly.

If you are looking for a compact, light weight and quality backpack for your inspire 1 PRO or X5 camera, I would highly recommend the Inspak X5 to meet and exceed your expectation.

Enjoy and safe travels.

Lynh Phan


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