Getting a sharp image and video from your Mavic.

Unlike P3, P4, osmo and X3 cameras where the focus is fixed, the Mavic’s camera, similar to the X5 has Tap To Focus. If the camera is not Focus properly, you will end up with much softer image and video than the P3/P4/X3/osmo.

To get a perfect sharp image and video from your Mavic’s camera, simply do the procedures below :

1. Remove both the clear gimbal guard and DOME.

2. Hover the Mavic in the air and point the camera at a distant object.

3. Select a high contrasting object against the sky at least 30m away from you.

4. Tap on your smartphone at the contrasting object.

5. Your infinity Focus is now set.

6. Repeat this after every battery change.

If you are into selfies – you will have to tap to Focus again for closer subjects. Don’t forget to refocus as above for distant objects once you’ve completed filming or photo shoot your selfies.

Enjoy and have fun Tapping.

Lynh Phan

Photo credit – Romeo Durscher


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