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How to read a METAR

This book contains ALL of the exact sectional charts, METARs and TAFs on the exam. You will be given a copy of this book during the exam. The sectional chart legend on page 1 has the answers to many questions:

Sample sUAS exam:

Free comprehensive ebook covering everything you need to know for the Part 107 exam (and much, much more). It is best used as a textbook to lookup detailed explanations of areas you have difficulty understanding.

Five questions straight of the Part 107 exam that are often answered incorrectly.

The 5 Most-Missed Part 107 Test Prep Questions

FREE Stanford University lecture series on Digital Photography:

Free updates to the FAA Part 107 question pool:

Convert Decimal Degrees to DMS:

Convert DMS (degrees-minutes-seconds) to decimal degrees:

How to calculate distances using latitude and longitude (NOT on Part 107 exam).

How to read a sectional chart:

Find a test center near you:

Free sectional charts with up to date NOTAMs

And my Facebook Part 107 study group.


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