Here is the Complete Collection Of Lynh Phan’s Epson Moverio BT-300 Tips and Tricks.

AirPlay your iOS to the Moverio BT-300.By installing this App on your iOS and the BT-300, you can now AirPlay all your iOS contents and enjoy the comfort of to the Moverio BT-300.


Today’s Tip

Installing Android Apps on the Moverio BT-300.

The easiest way to install any compatible android Apps to the Bt-300 is via Dropbox.

1. Simply extract and upload the .apk App to Dropbox.
2. Authorise install from non trusted source on the BT-300 settings.
3. Send the Dropbox link to your own email.
4. Open up your email on the Bt-300
5. Download the Dropbox link to your Moverio BT-300 folder
6. Click on the Downloaded file and enjoy your new App.

Enjoy and have fun loading.


Today’s Tip

Keyboard for the BT-300.  You can pair the BT-300 to any compatible Bluetooth keyboard to have the ultimate workstation.


Today’s Tip

Bluetooth mouse for your BT-300 trackpad.
You can pair any Bluetooth mouse – including the Apple Magic Mouse – to the BT- 300


Today’s Tip. Using the GO APP Map on the BT-300.

1. Ensure you have a wifi hotspot / connection.
2. Make sure you are outside and the BT-300 control module has clear access to the sky so it can Acquire its GPS coordinates.
3. Be patience on first use as it does take a bit of time for the initial acquisition.


Live broadcast with the BT-300

With a compatible Epson projector, you can perform LIVE broadcasts and presentations direct from the BT-300 to the projector wirelessly via Mirrorcast.
This is perfect for showingcasing the GO App and drone flights. Enjoy and have fun projecting.





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