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The stock RC is capable of mounting an iPad Mini, however if you prefer an even larger screen such as an iPad Air 2 or even the jumbo iPad Pro, a tablet adapter holder is required.


3D printed tablet holders are dime a dozen, there are a plethora of designs out there, what make this version different is that it is made with CNC anodised aluminium and was designed with strength, security and versatility in mind.


The following features make this CNC aluminium holder superior to the rest of the 3D printed offerings :

1. Using components mounting system, it has been designed for maximum strength around the collar to be able to mount the Jumbo iPad Pro without any risk of fracture or breakages commonly associated with 3D printed material resulting in damage to your expensive iPad / tablet. It is impossible to break this with normal usage.

2. Made from CNC aluminium and anodised, it is the only tablet holder that you will ever need to buy and it will outlast your Mavic for life.

3. Carefully weighted to ensure an even distribution of weight when the RC and tablet is attached ensuring great ergonomic for sustained flying without fatigue.

4. At $29.95 for CNC aluminium and anodising, it is competitively price even when compared with the 3D printed varieties.

5. The ability to mount your tablet either over the RC or below the RC gives versatility to how you would like to fly. You can still fully see all the display from the RC and buttons if you setup as below RC mounting configuration.

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If you want versatility, strength and security for your tablet and is not interested in 3D printed format, you will not be disappointed with this design from

Disclosure: I was asked to test the prototype version and based on my feedback and suggestions, the manufacturer has now incorporated my design ideas into this finished product. I was also involved in negotiating a great final retail price for our members. I am not employed by the company.

Enjoy and safe flying.

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