Battery charging Hub for dji Mavic

This Hub will charge 4 DJI Mavic batteries sequentially, it has an inbuilt intelligent circuit to detect and charge the battery with the most residual stored charge first and then it will move to the next.


Every time the batteries are connected to the charger or when it is turned on, a self diagnostic mode will check all the batteries which are connected and determine which battery is fully charged or partially charged. The LEDs display the current status of the battery being charged with Voltage and Current and Port being charged clearly display.

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The unit has over voltage and over current protection. This enable safe charging and protection of your expensive dji batteries. Simply use your existing dji OEM charger as a power source for the unit.

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Cons : sequential charger only.
Pros : self diagnostic mode
Over current protection
Over voltage protection
Use exiting OEM charger
LED status display

This will be a great companion for travelling and if time is not a factor, you can simply let it charge all your batteries sequentially.

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